Notre Dame de Quelven in Guern



1891 - 1910

Etienne, Marie, Lucien, LE RALLIC was born on May 23, 1891 in Angers in the Maine-and-Loire from France. His father, Jean-Marie is Breton, morbihannais, of the Kerdisson's village in Guern very close to Pontivy, where several generations of LE RALLIC followed one another during centuries.His Guillaume grandfather born in Quelven is Tisserand and his Pier father Ralic is a famous chouan. They admire them both and said them: "My grand' Guillaume father was morbihannais. He was born and lived at the village of Quelven, in Guern, high-place of famous Pardon marial. He did not speak a word about French: long hair, chupen, bragou-bras and gaiter. He had proud pace this wire of chouan, and at his place I always slept in bed-closed. When with my back grand' father, Pier Ralic, I am even more to trust: it fought the Blue ones under the command of Cadoudal…". It is certainly bathed in this country, land, authentic universe that it drew this accuracy, this truth which one will find in these illustrations and which it could admirably reveal.

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